About Us

Located in Placer County, CA, a state Fire Hazard Severity Zone, Jeff Baumann owns a five acre ranch. Watching the 2017 fires in CA being declared a national disaster, he wanted to do something to help protect property and homes from wildfires. An engineer by trade Jeff started to work on a fire protection system. Within a short time Jeff formed Property Fire Protection LLC and a unique state of the art solution. He invented the Property Fire Protection System or PFP System. The PFP System is a patent pending gas powered high pressure pump system, that utilizes a water cannon to saturate your home and property, with your own water source, in the event of an evacuation wildfire. Designed with his own ranch and livestock in mind, he wanted to have some defense to a fire. Property Fire Protection LLC is dedicated to giving home and property owners a defensive solution to help save their most valuable asset.


Why put your properties survival at risk, when you have an affordable solution to protect it!